Hello everyone , 

I wanted to write about C.B.L. and inform you on the background of this project. 


I got introduced into streetwear around 2004. I had a few stussy and LRG pieces before that , but I dont think the term "street wear", even existed then. I was infatuated with the industry from day one. I remember wearing TH , Diamond , Crooks , etc. to school and nobody had any clue what any of those brands were. It felt amazing. I felt like I knew something nobody else did. Like a secret hiding spot or a clean wash that nobody had found yet ( graffiti wise ). It was my little secret.

Obvoiusly my close homies would ask and I'd let them know where I got my tee or what not. If anybody else asked I would simply change the subject or make it apparent that I didn't want them to know . Little by little , my "little secret" turned into a small community of people at my school. We would talk about a new collection or collab that so and so did and it was "our thing". Everything was so exclusive back then. Shit would sell out hella fast because inventory was low. If you missed out , you'd hop on forums and try to find that one shirt or jacket you missed out on. and IF you got your hands on that piece, it felt like you just conquered the world. You'd were that shit on date nights and feel like a million dollars. 

The industry was tiny back then compared to now. Brands did wholesale , but everyone was so picky and only a handful of shops existed in each city / state / country. Then the money started rolling in , demand grew, awareness grew, and "Streetwear" was no longer a secret. Now were in 2016 and certain brands are only surviving cuz of zumiez or pac sun or tillys orders . Smaller boutiques are struggling because of that and now they're changing their shop image and selling hoverboards and dad hats to survive. It's bullshit.

No matter what trend comes and goes, I am a streewear fan and always will be. If anyone is going to keep the flag flying high, it's me. 

Alright , so now lets get into C.B.L. 

I own a brand called CLSC that is sold in over 250 stores worldwide. We have a store on Fairfax and the brand employs 7 of my best friends. When I started CLSC, I wanted to mimic where the industry was then. Super limited and tough to find product. With time and hard work, the brand awareness grew. We all wanted to quit our jobs and do CLSC full time but we weren't generating enough dough to survive on by making small runs and selling out of product . We could have continued on that route, but we would all still be working 9-5s and struggling to find time to focus on the brand. So we expanded our wholesale business from state to state , country to country. We started prebooking collections , addiing skus , and pounding pavement. We're nowhere close to where we want to be , but Im hapy to what we've created and now we all live off of an idea I had in 2009. "The American Dream". 

I found myself thinking about the industry , CLSC , and what I wanted to do with my life after my daughter was born. I stayed home for 2 months and took sometime to "figure myself out". 

CLSC wise, I was thinking of eliminating styles per season , closing wholesale accounts and what not and become "exclusive" again but that's easier said then done. I have two children , a wife , a dog , a cat , and I need to bring home the bacon . By lowering the sku counts and closing wholesale accounts, I would be taking a crazy risk and potentially losing mad dollars . Although I love taking risks, I didnt want to put my family in a rocky situation or potentially lose the traction I built with CLSC over the past 5 years. As much as the 19 year old Josh wanted to take CLSC in that ( exclusive ) direction , 26 year old father Josh had to make a mature decision not only for himself, but everything that surrounds him. So I decided to do something else with CLSC. Grow it. So my kids can eat , my wife can take them to Disneyland, and I can create capitol for other projects my weird ass creative mind wants to come up with . 

C.B.L. enters the room ....

Anyone who gets there hands on C.B.L product wants that feeling again that I , and most of you experienced years ago. Im bringing that back for myself , and all of you who enjoy exclusivity and solid product. That's why I only made 25 of each product. That is why the collection is only available for 3 hours. That is why you shouldn't tell anyone about C.B.L.

I hate seeing someone wear the same shit I got. Im not into buying product cuz someone else wore it. I enjoy wearing things that people ask about and creates curiousity. I might not sell out of product and I might have a shit load of invenroty left over , but I'm ok with that. As long as you get your piece in the mail , throw it on, and remember what it feels like to be 1 of few , oppose to 1 of millions.  

Enjoy my friends.