The First Collection // Lookbook

Photographed / Styled by : Joshua Vides


I always find myself fighting to choose between black and white or colored photos. I enjoy the cleanliness of black and white photos, but I also enjoy highlighting how green the grass can be on a certain day. So , I decided to empliment both .

The black product that will be releasing next week I edited in black and white and vis versa. The background images are the opposite to the center piece for a solid balance to my eyes and mind. 

All the background photos were captured in January of 2016. The 30 days of pieceing everything together for C.B.L. and it's first collection. From the places I visited , to the marketing behind the brand , to the actual product. I wanted to showcase the products ( obviously ) but also show somewhat of the process behind the buidling of the brand. 



The background of the first photo was taken on January first . I was up super early getting ready to launch " How to start a brand in 30 days". I was nervous as fuck because I wasn't sure how the idea would be perceived. Hours later, I posted the first snapchat and the rest was history. For those of you that tuned in, I hope you learned a thing or two. 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Gold  // FC-03 In Heather grey 



The background of the second photo is pretty obvious. I've had never been to Paris and sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower was unforgettable. It was 4:30 in the morning , had a solid buzz , and it was lightly sprinkling. Im not a religious person, but I had never been more thankful for being created. I thanked the big man upstairs for blessing me with the drive and courage to create and explore. It was beautiful . I cried. 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Black  // FC-04 in Black



The background image of the third photo was inside the "Catacombs" of Paris. It was about a 45 minute walk surrounded by 6 million skeletons. It was super dark , a little wet, and surprisingly didn't smell like death. There's no deep story to this photo , I just enjoyed the lighting in such a dark place. If you ever go to Paris, go here. It's definately worth the 8 euro. 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Royal  // FC-04 in Burgandy



The background image of the fourth photo was in Berlin. I was there for a tradeshow and had some time to escape and walk around the city alone. I traveled for 2 1/2 weeks with 2 of my buddys and this was the first time I was able to be alone. This was the river that seperated east and west Germany. The Berlin wall was just on the other side. I looked down and thought about how much crazy shit went down exactly where I was standing. Smoked a spliff , slapped a sticker on the railing, and kept it pushing. 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Black  // FC-02 in Black



The background image of the fifth photo are custom C.B.L postcards . I wanted to give each supporter something special and memorable. I will be making a different postcard for every collection and hope one day someone comes up to me with all of them . There's not a lot of brands that give more than just the product and an invoice in your box. Sometimes you get a sticker but I wanted to do something different and I hope you enjoy it. 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Gold // FC-02 in White



The background of the final photo is the FC-04 . It was the day I finally got my production in ( last week ) , and wanted to test the "water proofness", of the jacket. I let the water sit there for a few minutes and it never soaked into the garment. I'll be rocking the black joint til the death of me. Enjoy yours! 

The Model is wearing the following items : 

FC-01 in Black  // FC-03 in Black


That's all I got. I apologize for all the spelling and grammer errors you found. Im terrible at going back and changing something once it's written. Hence the reason I started a brand with 3 letters. 


C.B.L - The First Collection goes live Wednesday of next week ( the 17th ). The collection will only be available for 3 hours ( 9am - noon ) so make sure to set your alarms. I'm going to be posting an extensive write up on what C.B.L. is and why I'm doing it on Monday . Please take your time and read every sentence before you buy something on wednesday. I only made the brand for a select few and want to make sure those people have the opportunity to "FEEL", what C.B.L. is . 

Thank you and Enjoy. 

- Josh